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I’m a frustrated customer who left Verizon for another provider. And I can see how many others are also in the same boat. I’ve contacted Verizon customer service by phone, chat and even social media. Why in the world is it so difficult for the company to provide me a detailed pdf of my final bill? It is ridiculous that I have to wait for my bill to come in the mail to take care of it and view the charges, when it could just be emailed to me so I can take care of it. 

Joining Verizon, of course customer service was fine and provided excellent service. Now it has been nothing but a burden and a headaches since I’ve decided to leave. 

What makes it more frustrating is the fact that I received an email with my balance and it specifically said I could log in using my username and password, and that proved to be a big misleading lie.

so is there a way to receive my final bill in detail through my email as a pdf file ?

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We apologize as we're unable to provide an email copy. You are able to access a disconnected account here: or you can visit a corporate store location with a government ID: to have one printed.