Final Kiss Off

So, after thinking I was rid of the FIOS run-around for ever, I just got a bill.  It was for $156.61 - which is the final straw and why I quit Verizon after two years of abuse - non-responsive customer service, two big ugly boxes mounted on my bedroom wall, pressure to sign one of their "agreements" (code word for CONTRACT), price hikes for less service, etc. 

Anyway, they are now trying to charge me for a full month of their service in this final bill of theirs.  Perhaps they think I will just pay it out of hand - inasmuch as they think their customers are a bunch of clueless robots?  The bill is for November 16 through December 16, even though I quit their service as of end of day, December 4. What do they think, that I will just pay and then trust them to send a refund?  No.  I will not.  Send me a LEGITIMATE BILL for the correct amount, Verizon, and I will pay as I always did when I had the misfortune of being one of your unfortunate over-charged customers.

Re: Final Kiss Off
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i am pretty sure that their messed-up terms of service state that they don't refund  for partial months when ending service, only refund (or issue credit on bill) if  service is continuing but  switching to different, lower  rate part of the way through the month