Fios Offer by Mail

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me why Verizon sends offers for Fios Triple Play in the mail to existing customers (I have been a Fios and Verizon Wireless customer for many years) and then does not honor them?  I wasted about 90 minutes on the phone and two help chat sessions asking to sign up for the offer they sent me in the mail.  I was told that this offer was for new customers only. 

I can only conclude two things from this:

1.  Verizon's marketing departmant has no idea who existing customers are and just blankets whole neighborhoods and buildings with direct mail that is not applicable to them.  - and/or

2.  Verizon values new customers more than existing customers.

Seems like that offer by mail was false advertising to me.  Also, seems like a long time customer should be more highly valued than someone Verizon has never done business with.  I have paid Verizon many thousands of dollars over the past several years and I'd like to have a senior person to discuss this with rather than having to post it on a forum - but Verizon doesn't even provide a customer service email address. 

So, can anyone in the "Versizon Community" help or will I be switching to TIme Warner - I mean Spectrum or whatever they're called now.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide. 

Re: Fios Offer by Mail

The mass mailings are compiled from many outside sources. So no mystery there.

now Verizon wants to grow their customer base, existing customers on the average will not go out and get a competing service like Charter Spectrum due to the hassle of returning equipment and closing out accounts, and losing emails etc.

however people have done it, myself included from Time Warner now Spectrum.

but I use an outside mail service not tied to the provider so it moves with me.

i used the provider one but not for that much.

our homes are connected with cable and Fios lines so it’s possible to jump from one to the other.

New deals on service are provided for a set length of time be it 1 year or 2 years.

contract or non contract. Your many years of paying for the service means nothing in the grand scheme of things. Verizon like cable expect churn. Just like with wireless providers. At one time Verizon had the largest numbers of customers. But with others offering more for less the loyalty no longer is there. And as you noticed loyalty is not going both ways or you would not need to voice your displeasure with Verizon and think about leaving.

You do what you must. It’s all how you look at value for the service.