Fios Test Drive results and watch history not showing in my Verizon

Like many others here, I am also having an issue seeing the recommendations from my Fios test drive in my Verizon.    I made the mistake of contacting an agent via chat this morning, and wasted an hour of my time.    The agent tried to get me to just settle on the plan that was $10 more per month without showing me any proof of my watching history.   It felt absolutely insulting to be upsold something without addressing the original issue.

I’ve been a customer for 6 weeks and am already having regrets about switching.   This Fios test drive should be simple functionality - instead, it’s a headache and one that isn't unique to me - yes customer service has no clue what to do with it when you contact them.

So Verizon admin, please have someone look into this for me.   And please have it be someone who understands the issue and knows how to fix it.   I refuse to explain it again.