Fios Verizon Auto Pay Messed Up

It's seems that Verizon Fios give a discount on one hand and  take from the other .

I signed for for auto pay on august 11. On September 1st I received email  and text as follow Thanks for submitting your payment

Your payment to your Verizon account is being processed.

Thanks for your recent payment submitted via electronic bank account payment. Please make sure you keep a copy of this email for your records.Payment details:

Payment date:

September 1, 2020

Payment amount:


Account number ending in:


I checked my Verizon account they confirmed the payment 

Then strangely on September 4th, without explanation i got the. Following 

Auto Pay cancellation

Verizon Notification <>
Fri, Sep 4, 10:57 AM
to me


The Auto Pay subscription for your account ending in 365-0001 has been canceled.

I immediately went online and re enrolled in autopay, got charged. Another 74.99

Then, Verizon texted me that one of my extra 74.99 payment was refunded

Your payment to your Verizon account was returned.

Now, Verizon claims they never received any  money at all, want to charge me

Taxes And Fees
Returned payment charges. $9.00

Verizon messed up and want me to pay for their mistakes . I closed auto pay for ease and peace of mind, I only got trouble and waste of time 

Very disappointed 

Re: Fios Verizon Auto Pay Messed Up

I have wrote it here and other forums about auto pay.

NEVER EVER USE AUTOPAY. it is giving a company free access to your money, debit or credit or checking account. You are better just making a one time payment each month via credit card.