Fios cancelled my order without my consent, said it was my fault!

Hello everyone!

I have an issue and I'm hoping Verizon reads this and makes it right.

My contract expired. I called in on May 6th to see what deals were available and was not offered any decent deals.

Due to this I ordered a disconnect for June 6th.

That same day an email came in offering me a sweet deal to stay a customer. Mind you, this email mentioned that I was a customer and that they wanted to keep me a loyal customer.

I called the phone number and set up the new services. It was so easy.

I was sent the below confirmation email:


As you can see, there is an order number, new rates and new service dates.

I thought all was good.

Yesterday I received a bill for $89.99, which is the rate I would have paid without the above order.

When I called in the rep told me that Verizon had cancelled the order due to the disconnect I requested.

I stated that I made the disco order before the new offer, and that when I took the new offer I was told that my account was fine and the disco was cancelled.

The rep then stated he found the problem. He said I messed up because I took advantage of a new subscriber offer, I created a duplicate account at the same address for the same subscriber name, and that I shouldn't have done that.
Again I had to correct this gentleman and let him know the offer was from retention, that it was to keep me as a loyal customer, and that Verizon set this up under the same account.

Again the guy on the phone came back with another excuse.  This time he told me the order number I had given him never existed, and that he had no idea where I got that number.

I was literallly reading the order number from the email sent to me by Verizon is what I kept telling him. He kept telling me he had no clue where I was getting that number.

By this point I was very upset, as I felt I was being lied to.

When I asked for a sup, he said he could fix it without a sup.

Well, that took over 20 minutes and no resolution.

All I wanted was for Verizon to acknowledge their mistake and make it right.

Nope, I kept being told it was my mistake that caused this.

So I call in to cancel yesterday and was placed on hold for 35 minutes.

I hung up, I had to take care of my kids.

I call today and take the option for a call back. I get a call back only to be placed in the IVR endless queue.

At this point I need the service cancelled, I am done with Fios and I want this billing issue rectified.

I should not have to suffer the consequences of someone in the call center making a mistake and cancelling my order in error.

How do I get this escelated? I need this service off and Fios out of my life!


Re: Fios cancelled my order without my consent, said it was my fault!
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Hi Mr_D,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Message Inbox for a message from Verizon_Support. You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.