Fios has worst customer service.. it's unfortunate bc I've been happy w Verizon wireless for 15yrs

I signed up for a two year contract with Verizon Fios after having Comcast tripleplay for many years.  Oh how I regret signing that contract with Verizon Fios.  They have poor customer service, which is surprising because I remember only having great customer service from Verizon Wireless for about 15 years.

For about one year, Verion Fios would continually assess me a router rental fee even though I had purchased their expensive router.  So, whenever I saw the charge on the account, I had to wait on hold for more than 30 minutes and then answer all the questions by the customer service rep (CSR), who then transfers me to a supervisor.  The supervisor would put me on hold for a long time and then ask me the same questions that the CSR previosly asked.  Eventually, each supervisor I spoke to said that they would credit my account and promised that my account would no longer have the rental router fees.  Of course this wasn't true.  I've spent too much time waiting to speak to someone about the same issue.  As a courtesy, these supervisors should have provided some extra credit as a gesture of goodwill because the company repeatedly charges my account for incorrect fees.

Another problem that this company has is that their CSRs and supervisors do not keep good call notes.  There was an issue with the salesperson who convinced me to sign a two year contract for Fios, essentially promising me a benefit (eg, three free premium channels for one year). that I never received.  I called Fios and eventually spoke to a supervisor who apologized and said that he would as a courtesy give me another year of three premium channels for free.  During year two, I saw that my account was being charged for the three premium channels and complained to Fios.  A supervisor said that there are no call notes on what the previous supervisor had promised.  There are other Verizon Fios customers who have complained about this same issue on this forum -- that is, some Verizon Fios employees do not take good call notes, especially notes on their verbal promises to customers.  

Anyone thinking of joining Fios should stay away.  Also, Verizon Fios On Demand charges you fees to view many shows compared to Comcast or Dish where the shows would be free of chrge.

Re: Fios has worst customer service.. it's unfortunate bc I've been happy w Verizon wireless for 15y
Hi chk,

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