Fios takes away channels to force you into contract

As I’m typing this I’m on hold with Verizon trying to get to a supervisor.  Its been over 30 minutes.  I was given the option of getting a call back on Monday/Tuesday.   Today is Saturday.........

Anyway this is my 3rd attempted to fix how they screwed me.     I originally called because I noticed my HBO was gone.  When they told me it was taken out of my package, I had no reason to stay with them anymore, perfect time to cut the cord so I asked the representative to terminate my account.   30 minutes later still on with the rep trying to cancel.  Next day I still have fios.   I called again to find out why it wasnt cancelled.  I was already looking into Altice.  So now this new rep convinces  me she’ll  get my HBO back and lower my rate to $175.  What did I have to lose.  It was $10 cheaper.   Well what I lost was about 1/2 of my channels!    So now Im paying $10 less for 1/2 the channels I started with, but at least I have HBO.  Yipeee..... 

Needless to say, Im holding for a supervisor.  Hope this can be fixed

Re: Fios takes away channels to force you into contract

This is an issue I wrote about with my neighbors in my post of “Internet Stupidity”

my neighbor lost 5 stations and he said no reduction in price and no replacement stations so he called up and cancelled his services. There was no contract so in your case be careful if you have a contract the early termination fees will kick in.

additionally if the rep changed your package she may have placed you into a contract or contract extension. So be careful.

You can also take your Fios equipment to a Fios corporate store location as my friend did (we have one only in the suburbs) and cancel that way. But get receipts for everything and make sure the guy/gal in the store credits your account for everything returned and get a hard copy for yourself.