First bill errors supposed to be corrected and advised not to pay but service now discconected
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Our first bill was incorrect and we were charged an additional $800 due to some corrections that they had to do on our account since Verizon had set it up incorrectly.  I spoke with an agent and she advised that she would make the necessary changes and that we did not need to pay the full $1300 bill since it was incorrect.  Now Verizon has disconnected our  service because we did not pay the full amount.  It will not let me speak with anyone to get this corrected.  How do we go about getting this straightened out?

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We would like to investigate and resolve these billing concerns for you and get your services reconnected as quickly as possible. Please contact us regarding this situation through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or by phone at: 800-922-0204, so that we can access and discuss your account information in a secured setting.