Floor Supervisor says talk to Corporate for Escalation

Verizon you have always been good to me but now I am have a major problem with being billed for things I did not agree to. Overall I have spent more than 4 hours on the phone talking to different people at Verizon and the end result is I was told to email the Corporate Office and ask them to ESCALATE my file and pull the original recording from my order. Just finding a way to email Verizon for something of this nature has taken me over an hour and I am very frustrated. I have been a LOYAL ON-TIME PAYING CUSTOMER for 8+ years of residential and wireless service but I am ready to cut all ties with Verizon unless this issue is resolved and quickly! 


I was sold on a specific internet plan but when I received my 1st bill the charges were 4-5 times what they should have been. I need resolution quickly or I will be cancelling BOTH of my accounts and paying ZERO on my bill.  I have now recorded MY calls ti you Verizon and have copies of every conversation since I received this bogus bill.  These will be submitted to the credit bureaus along with my dispute if it gets to that.  I need someone with some authority in Corporate to take ownership of this issue immediately and get this resolved or lose this long term customer FOREVER.

Re: Floor Supervisor says talk to Corporate for Escalation
Customer Service Rep


We have close you private support case. We are glad we were able to get you in touch with the correct party to help get your issue taken care of. Feel free to make a new post anytime you need our help.

- Jose_VZ