Fraud promotion in my package... need some guidance.

Hi folks,

I just upgrade my verizon fios package from 15/5 with phone line to 50/25 with phone, I spoke with

Laura in Tampa Florida, she offer me $5.00 more to upgrade to 50/25, so the total package for $70.00 + $5.46(Tax) = $75.46 for 24 months but when I receive an email order confirmation show $80.46. After some call to complain

and finally spoke with Kathy ( a supervisor) in St. Louis, Missouri, and she help me by giving me somewhat

better deal, so from $80.46 - $15.00 (kathy give promo) = $65.00 for 12 months. So my question here is

how can I verify that kathy did help me modify the package that Laura fraudulently gave me. I upgrade the package

on 1/10/14, Kathy help me modify the package on 1/22/14. My billing cycle end on the 10th of each month.

Anyone have any tip and phone number that I can call directly to get support regarding this issue?

Thanks you,