Fraudulent Phone Calls, No Help from Verizon

I have been a customer of Verizon for 21 years and never had any issues or complaints. However, in August my business line was hacked with phone calls that were being made to Morocco, costing over $10,000.  Verizon notified me and all necessary safeguards have been put in place by my technical staff as directed by Verizon, and Verizon credited the amount of fraudulent phone calls to my account.  Within a week those phone calls to Morocco continued and my business was hit with a $2,600 bill.  I disconnected all international services upon Verizon request and I was left with the only ability is to make phone calls within the Tri-State area.  I have spoken with numerous number of people in Verizon, including supervisors and managers, trying to get this situation resolved and get a credit for the phone calls I have never made and was not responsible for.   Verizon kept claiming that my lines were not secured, but that was not the case, since I had two different IT companies confirm, that my lines have been secured the whole time.   We made a complaint to FCC and Verizon put the blame on me in their response to the FCC.  Finally, my patience ran out and after 21 years being a loyal customer I switched Verizon to a different service provider.  On top of that, Verizon hit me with ridiculous termination charges, even though I was no longer in contractual agreement with them.  I have been trying to resolve this issue for the past 5 months, and in the mean time Verizon started to harassing me with collection requests for the amount outstanding for those fraudulent phone calls and termination charges of almost $4,000.  I am trying to find a fair resolution, but I ran out of options, with the last resort is to complain to New York State Attorney General.  I do not want to be held responsible for those fraudulent phone calls and I do not see it being fair and just that I would have to pay this bill.  Has anyone ever experienced this or can guide me in the right direction?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

Re: Fraudulent Phone Calls, No Help from Verizon

this is the proper agency that would handle this situation.

but let’s look at the problem of phone calls coming from your line. How was it done?

did Verizon ever find out from the supposed hack? If they documented the issue then they know what was done. 

The other issue is collection calls mean in most cases credit reports  being listed as in default. So that hurts you personally and any business trade line. I would worry more about that.

if your complaint was looked at by the fcc and Verizon responded and then the fcc agreed with them it’s not going to go your way in further proceedings.

you could look at

to see if your issue is under their jurisdiction.