Fraudulent practice by Verizon

On December 28, 2017 I contacted Verizon regarding the service issues. Without my knowledge apparently the phone call was transferred to the sales, and rather than assisting my service call, the Verizon representative suggested that I should change my router for the better one without any extra charges.  I agreed, and Verizon sent me the new router.  Apparently without my knowledge, this representative extended my contract for two years, without me knowing, that I would lose my discounts during the next 24 months.  In the March 2018 I noticed a new charge on my bill and called Verizon customer service.  The Verizon customer service manager, Mary Ellen, whom I spoke on the phone, stated that increases in charges were discussed with me, and I agreed to them. To call it misrepresentation would be an understatement. At no time, the sales person on the December 28, 2017 phone call had discussed it with me, and I would have certainly never agreed to the increase in monthly charges.  May Ellen also claimed that subsequent email was sent to me, I opened it and agreed to the charges.  Again, I never received any emails from Verizon regarding the updates in the monthly contract.  All of that looks a lot like a fraudulent practice on a part of Verizon.  I want to discontinue my services with Verizon, and never deal with this company.  I also want all fraudulent charges to be refunded.

By the way the new router is by far inferior to the old one.

Re: Fraudulent practice by Verizon
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.