Free DVR Promotion Not Honored for the Elderly

My mom recently moved into a small apartment for senior citizens, and being a loyal Verizon customer, she felt it easier to keep Verizon as her internet/ tv provider.  When she spoke to customer service to transfer her service - she insisted that her new service included a Dvr box that she could record her shows on. She was told that the current promotion included the DVR box at no extra cost for her two year contract.

She moved in in May, but it came to my attention about a month ago that she never received the DVR box so she was unable to record her shows.

Since then, my husband has spent at least 4 hours on the phone trying to get this situation corrected.

He and my mom spoke to a representative about a month ago who was able to verify that when she signed up, the promotion that she was offered was in effect. After a number of back and forth phone calls- she told my husband and my mom that she would be able to get my mom the promotion that she was promised, and get her the DVR box. She told my mom that she would send her an email with instructions.

Flash forward until now- and she never received the email or the box. My husband called again today with my mom, and is now being told that she is not entitled to the box, because the contract she signed did not include the DVR in it.

Not sure where to begin. First I will say that for the $190 that she is paying monthly - ( and prior to that about $300/month for 20 plus years)- I'm not quite sure why adding a DVR box at no charge when it was part of a promotion when she signed up is such a big deal to a multiple million dollar company such as Verizon.

Next- you add in the representative who screwed up the order and didn't include the DVR box. 
You then add in the 2 1/2 hours wasted on the phone being told that , yes- she is entitled to the box, and there was an error on the order- who promised to send an email, and that the situation would be resolved.

And then finally today- when your customer service reps dug their feet in and refused to give an 80 year old women,who has been a loyal customer and overpaying Verizon for YEARS, a silly DVR box ( one that they give to free to anyone who signs up) because she agreed to a contract assuming that the conversation and agreement that she had with your representative, was honest and accurate. 

I truly believe that your company is preying on the elderly who don't have the ability to argue in their own defense and I find it horrifying. After reading another post- I feel convinced that this is the policy of Verizon to take advantage of the elderly.

Re: Free DVR Promotion Not Honored for the Elderly
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Hi Lunagirl,

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