Frustrated poor customer service

First and foremost, I would like to say that I have been a customer with Verizon (wireless) for over 20 years. In fact, before they were even Verizon. The one thing I always loved was the customer service. I had left for a year due to restructuring my finances and Verizon wireless being pricey. So when fios came around my neighborhood, and was beating the cost of my current service, I immediately changed over.

The first month the bill was fine. There were some additionally charges due to purchases that I never made and they credited the bill for them. I also set up a payment arrangement for the initial payment to be taken out of one account and then set up automatic payments to be taken out of another account.  Not quite sure where this got lost in translation but the entire amount was taken out of the automatic payment account two weeks later. Ultimately causing overdraft fees and return payment to your office. 

When I realized what had happened my service was shut off. I immediately contacted Verizon fios customer services and the representative told me that there were no notes on the account for any credits or the payment arrangements. At this point, my bill has grown significantly higher due to more fees. I informed the representative that I wanted to disputed their additional charges and set up for a payment arrangement for the rest. Instead, the entire balance was disputed. I was told that she would contact me with the final resolution approximately a week later. I never received a call. However, I did receive another bill with the previous uncredited balance AND the additional new bill that was near double, or more, than what my bill is suppose to be! 

I have attempted to speak to multi representatives multiple times. Each time I am promised a credit and each time it has not been applied and ONLY additional charges have been added to my account. The lat representative I spoke with informed me that not one of the representatives prior to her EVER made any notes on my account about any promised credits or changes in services, as well as, the $200 visa prepaid card that I had never received. Which I would have just applied to my account. 

I have explained my situation to each representative and have asked for suggestions on how to work with me on the payments I actually do owe on the account. I only get transferred to financial services. I remain on hold for a significant amount of time only to be disconnected and having to call back. I have also attempted to speak with someone via chat and it ALWAYS says to try again later. 

My situation as of now,  I am a single mother, who lost my job and am dealing with other financial issues in order to remain on track with each. I am also currently pregnant and having complications. I have had limited funds, which I have addressed to your representatives multiple times. I feel I am on the phone on hold with fios representatives extremely longer than is acceptable for zero promises on their end to be kept AND charging me additional fees and changing the original plan I signed up for. 

The most recent interaction I have had with multiple representative just this week has been extremely poor. I have been told I do not qualify for any credits to my account even though I had been promised near $200-300 in credits for unnecessary fees or fees applied due to lack of following procedure of fios representatives. When telling a representative of my current situation, I was told to just cancel my service and deal with my situation instead. Then transferred to financial services. At which this representative continued to speak over me, being very selective in what he wanted to hear that I was saying and just wanted to transfer me back to customer service. Again because he was very selective in what he wanted to hear. I was stating I wanted to set up a payment arrangement to apply 2-3 payments to the account within the next two weeks that will satisfy what my balance actually should be and then I would continue to discuss the credits that should be applied with customer service at a later date. He was extremely rude. I asked for a supervisor. He said that they were busy and would call me back by the following day. 

The amount of time I have spent on the phone and on hold with Verizon fios customer service only to have nothing resolved and told to cancel my service, is completely unacceptable and absurd! The ONLY reason I chose Verizon fios was because I had great experiences in the 20 years I had service with Verizon wireless. They always worked with me when I did need some extra special handling with my account. After signing up with Verizon fios, I changed my mobile service right back to Verizon wireless because the rates now worked much better with my budget and again, I always loved the customer service. 

but Verizon fios customer services leaves a lot to be desired! This is not how you treat long time loyal customers. I am also sure that Verizon would not appreciate hearing that their representatives are telling people that they should just cancel their service instead of even attempting to work with a client trying to pay their bill and have part o the bill adjusted, rightfully so, for the charges that should never have been applied and were promised to be credit. But conveniently they have no record of this! This is such poor customer service. And I did not expect it! I am highly disturbed and would really like this situation rectified and someone to work with me to keep my service ASAP. I have already been seeking other cable providers. Please let me know if I should tske my business elsewhere or if the corporate dept and escalations would like to work with me. 

thank you

Re: Frustrated poor customer service

Hi Sek32780,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Messenger Inbox for a message from a Verizon Support agent. You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page and then clicking the envelope icon that appears at the top of the menu. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.