General Verizon Dissatisfaction

I am continually amazed by Verizon's business model.  Good thing that you are a near-monopoly, other wise you would be out of business.

I got a great deal of aggravation when I renewed my Verizon contact a year or so ago.  Was intentionally misinformed on a number of my questions and the bill arrived with a different price than I was quoted.  After wasting a good deal of time, I was able to get almost what I wanted.  Grudgingly, I signed back up.

Then Verizon got out of the email business by switching over to AOL.  Initially I had no problem with that and everything went smoothly.  Now that is different.  I get error messages very often when trying to send emails, email box won't refresh, adding attachments simply blows the system away and more error messages come up.  But you can bet that on the log in screen, I can get my fill of "We Hate Trump" news stories which are mostly clickbait crap (i.e. "Fake news").  Here's a silly idea - knock off the SJW warrior crap and provide a decent product!

Finally, my FiOS cable subscription.  Looking around I can see a plethora of shopping channels.  That's fine but I don't use them.  No big deal.  I can also find Spanish, Chinese and Arabic language channels.  They don't interest me because I am an American and I speak English.  No big deal.

There are religious channels, country channels, music channels, and channels devoted to gay entertainment.  No big deal.

But who is supporting those channels I have mentioned?  Is the viewership large enough for all of them that it is economically viable for Verizon to feature them?  I have no idea, maybe it is and that is just fine with me.

But one channel I do like (and this is silly, I know) is the Game Show Network (GSN).  I tune in from time to time as I get a kick out of some of the old game shows.  So what is happening now with GSN?  It is disappearing from my channel line up.  

Why?  Heck, I get ESPN forced down my throat and never watch that so how about if you take ESPN and give me GSN?  No?  Alas, if only cable was a la carte instead of force fed to us all.

As long as I am on my soapbox, in an empty room where no one will ever hear me as I vent my spleen, why does American Heroes Channel always feature stories about criminals, mobsters, murderers and Nazis?  Are they American heroes...?

Finally, tell the History Channel to run some history for a change.  Forced reality crap like Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Curse of Oak Island and their ilk  are just too ridiculous to even try to watch.