Getting nowhere...

I am paying $250.00 dollars a month and wanted to watch a channel that I appearently am not subscribed to.  It says on my tv screen" do you want this channel added ".  "For $1.00 a month more on you bill."  I pressed "OK"  Then I get an email saying thank you for your order you monthly bill is going to go from $255.69 to $284.07.  I did not agree to this.  I agreed to one dollar more a month.  I then tryed to contact Verizon through email and just went around in circles for an hour.  Finally went to "online Chat" and told them the problem and they said they only handle technical issues.  I asked for a contact email and was told by the representative"THERE IS NO EMAIL ADDRESS TO CONTACT VERIZON ABOUT CUSTOMER ISSUES".   That is what I was told.  Just try  "contact us" and see what happens.  I do not want to pay anymore then I am paying now and if I can't cancel this order they signed me up for I am going to Time Warner. 

Re: Getting nowhere...
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Call in to the 800 number and ask for the billing department.