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I signed up for fios in July 18 and was to receive a 100.00 Visa gift card in September. However, I have made numerous attempts to find out where the gift card is and I get an excuse every time I call. The 1 time I called, I was on hold for 45min, then the lady refused to hold for me to get information for her from my email. She said they are not allowed to be on hold! I then asked for a manager and she refused to let me speak to a manager. I have since called back multiple times and continue to get excuses. I was told there was a problem with the order, then again...a problem with the order. Then I should have it by December, then January. Now, another "batch" problem and it "should" be here by the end of the month. I asked again to speak to a manager and was told there are no managers of that department!  I know it is only 100.00 but it was advertised and promised. I feel like I am a bother rather than a valued customer! I hold up my end of the bargain and pay my bill on time, every month. I am sure they wouldn't wait 5 months for me to pay my bill regardless of what excuses I might have. I was better off with Comcast!!!!!

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It would seem one state did something about it

Contact your states attorney general and tell and tell them what Pennsylvania did.

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Hi Jennyz,

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