Giving Up On Verizon & FIOS

Finally did it today, c-a-n-c-e-l-l-e-d!

I started FIOS a little over a year ago, standalone internet service, off contract. I'm so fed up with having to deal with this company on pricing. It just seems like everything is a game with them. Months back I visited the Verizon FIOS website for the first time in ages, and saw that they had begun to offer service at a significantly lower price than what I was paying. Called them, and after a lot of wasted time, finally got them to give me the price they were then currently charging anyone else, like they're doing me some big favor. I hate that-- if the company lowers their price for a service, they should be letting customers know about it and charging appropriately. Is that too much to ask or must you be surprised and find out you're paying too much?

Today I heard about this new gigabit speed service, so I decided to investigate further and see what its all about. I go to the Verizon website, and lo and behold, yet again they've lowered their price on the service I'm already using, and once again I've learned I'm paying more than the next guy is being asked to pay for it. How are you supposed to show any good faith towards these people when they always play these games? I finally just cancelled. Fortunately there's another provider already set up in my building. It's bad enough you now have to deal with the prospect of them being allowed to sell your personal information, thanks to Mr. Trump, but must it always be a scam with what you're being charged. It's as if everyone in the world has a different price for the very same service. I'm sick of it.