Great customer service
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I left Verizon over 2 years ago after a Comcast rep came to my neighborhood promising great, inexpensive service.  That is not what I got.  They refused to honor the agreement made by the neighborhood rep even tho it was in writting.  So needless to say after my contract was over with Comcast and I was visited by a Verizon neighborhood rep...who again promised me a multitude of things...I switched back to Verizon.  Well, again I was faced with the promises made by the neighborhood rep not translating to reality.  The difference here is Verizon customer service reps have gone above and beyond to get me what I was promised and the best deal.  I am sorry that I don't remember the first rep I spoke to, but the next problem I had,  I spoke to Glenda and she was awesome!!!! I can't thank her enough for not only helping with my problem, but also helping me get into a package that was a better fit for what I wanted.  If Verizon keeps up with this degree of service I will be around for a long time.  Thank you Glenda!

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