Have to Spend Roughly $350 More a Year for the Same Internet Speed

This is just another way Verizon will shake every last nickel out of your pocket for nothing in return.  I have had Verizon for about 25 years, from DSL to Fios.  Now you think a huge monoploy like Verizon would do everything they can to keep what customers happy but yet cultvate new customers.   Now I thought the purpose of commiting to a 2 year deal meant making each other happy.  Such as paying your Verizon bill promptly and suggest to friends they should switch to Verizon Fios for example.  And in return they would provide cutting edge high speed service or life like HD programming for an agreed commitment from both parties.  Now I have 20 months on my present service agreement, but now they decide that forget that you have to spend roughly $350.00 more a year for the same internet speed, 100MB up and 100MB down.  I can't say how many channels plus or minus because they make a effort to keep that information out of sight. It's not my fault Verizon can't control the tidal wave of people cutting the cord as we speak.  As far as what services from Verizon i decide to terminate i can do with out all the needless channels just the local ones will do.  I will be weighing my options ASAP as to what other services i can divorce my self from Verizon.  Well as the old saying goes nothing is for ever!