Hidden Tech Fees
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I had issues last month with many cchannels not working. I spent a lot of time troubleshooting by myself and using the online tools. Then I called and spent more time only to find out that someone had to come take a look. The onsite technician investigated and told me that likely the splitter in the basement needed replacement. I was never told about a fee n the phone or in person. He changed it and got a higher reading on his device for my internet speeds/ping rate and left. All of this took 20 minutes. Happy Customer? No!

Why - you ask? because now I see labor charges for $50 on my bill p. At no point did the phone technician or the onsite technician tell me that I would have to pay. Calling customer service resulted in me being told even I should have been told  but they can't do anything about it.  Isnt Verizon responsible for explaining to customers that anything on their property that needs replacement will be chargeable at a really high labor rate? Doesnt the law require that a customer at least sign paperwork that states they are aware that they will be charged .

I've been a customer since 2009'and find this behavior deceptive.

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