Horrible Customer Experience


I'm writing because I can't wait on the phone for another hour just to be placed on hold again.

I called last Saturday (09/01/2018) to order new service to my address that already has service. Wish I asked the representative for his employee ID in hindsight. 

Anyway, I ordered New Service (Custom TV, Gigabit Internet, and Balkan Channel package). I also discussed with the representative the importance of seamless transition of disconnecting and reconnecting new service without any interruption of service. He implied that there would be no issue and it will only cost me $99 reconnection fee.

So the new service was ordered and installation date was set for 09/06/2018 between 1pm-3pm. Representative also informed me that he will call me on Tuesday (09/04/2018) to process the request to disconnect the current service at the address. Great!

So finally Tuesday (09/04/2018) comes around and I don’t get a phone call. I didn’t think much of it, so I waited for the installation. Thursday (09/06/2018) comes along and nobody shows up for installation…So I called Verizon and of course, wait time is 1hr, so I inquired to be called back. (I was at work at this time). I get a phone call back from the automated system, I accept and no representative…it put me in the wait queue again. Of course, I’m at work and I can’t sit for Verizon for another hour so I decided to call them after work.

Again, I request a phone call because the queue is 1 hour long and after an hour I get a phone call. I get this representative and explain the entire situation which took about 15-30min. She then tells me that the department I need to work with is closed. I explain to her my frustration of calling Verizon and waiting and not getting anywhere but she ensured me that she would call me back the next day. Sound familiar? The first guy that took my order also ensured me a phone call for that disconnect on Tuesday. Anyway, Friday comes I don’t get a phone call from her of course.

I tried to get in touch with Verizon again on Friday but guess what…1 hour wait time queue. I don’t have 1 hour per day to deal with Verizon so I wait until today. Saturday (09/08/2018).

So today I called and of course 1 hour wait time again…I request a callback. Finally get a call after an hour and I spoke with a representative and explain the entire situation again, 20min phone call. He proceeds to TRANSFER ME over to the “RIGHT PERSON”. I get transferred and guess what….wait time is 1 hour again. So I request a call back again.

I finally receive a call back; explain the entire situation for the 18th time (sarcasm). Spoke on the phone with this representative for 30min. Now she informed me that the disconnect/re-installation CANNOT be a seamless transition. That I will not have service for 24 hours, of course, I have no choice because this is a Verizon/Comcast monopoly and both have terrible customer experience. So now I’m scheduled for an installation on (09/14/2018) between 8am-9am. Disconnect will happen on Wednesday 09/12/2018 so I’ll have no service for a day, may not seem like a big deal but I do a lot of work from home.

Anyway, countless hours wasted. Almost 2 weeks waiting for the new service and who knows if there will be other hiccups. Compensation for this endeavor has been nothing, simply “We apologize for the inconvenience” and that’s it. Deal with it.

I wrote this here because calling Verizon is useless, you are always in a queue and when you do get somebody you are being circle jerked from one department to the next. I couldn’t find an email where I can send my complaint, so I decided to voice my utter disgust with this experience here on the forums.

Re: Horrible Customer Experience

Try here


They have email links. However they are answered by Verizon escalations.