Horrible Customer Service Experience...

I'm paying $200 for ONE television with FiOS Gigabit Internet and Ultimate TV.  In November I noticed that HBO was just not authorized on my TiVo.  I called and troubleshot for about an hour until the tech said, "You aren't authorized to have HBO".  That's funny -- my BILL says I have four premium channels including HBO!!  Sends me over to customer service who then tries to get me to extend my contract and when I refuse, there's nothing that can be done.

SO -- I had HBO.  It was removed.  I am paying the SAME amount of money.  No notification that it would be pulled.  When I asked the rep about a credit to my bill for the time that I didn't have HBO, she said, "...you should have called us when it was first gone."  REALLY?!?!?  Monday can't get here fast enough to get whatever deal Spectrum is offering.  And I'm NOT paying an ETF if they can't restore services I'm already paying for.  Verizon is in breach of contract.

Re: Horrible Customer Service Experience...
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.