Horrible Customer Service from Verizon

I started an online chat on 12/26/2014 with a CSR to see if I could renew my package at a lower rate because I don't feel that I am getting value from FiOS for the $145/month I pay. They could not help but they were very pleasant and transferred me to a Senior CSR. Once again, this person was very nice but could not help either so they transferred me to their direct supervisor. The supervisor started out friendly but got very rude really quick and after two hours of combined chatting between the three people, I asked to speak to this supervisor's direct boss. I was denied, told that information could not be given out, and disconnected the chat. I received a call from the manager's direct supervisor (which I had to return the call because I couldn't speak at that time) on 12/27/2014. I called the number back that I was given and this person started out pleasant enough. I tried to explain that I wanted to get something close to what new customers get because I feel it is discriminatory that Verizon will offer such great packages to new customers but do not give any packages that are anywhere comparable to their loyal, existing customers. After some back and forth, this direct supervisor started getting rude as well so I told them that I wanted to lower my rate but keep my existing package and get some of the special offers that Verizon is offering its new customers. I told them that I had to go but they could call me back at the same number they used to reach me earlier once she was able to get what I was asking for. About 45 minutes later, the direct supervisor called back and told me that they could give me everything that I have at this point, 24 months of the Fully Loaded Entertainment Package for free, and what would work out to a 3 year price guarantee for $99.99/month. I repeated the entire offer back to them at which time they said that theynever told me that and that I was making things up. I felt insulted and I advised the direct supervisor of this fact because I thought it was extremely poor taste to actually accuse a loyal customer of making things up when all I was trying to do was confirm EXACTLY what they had just told me. I asked to speak to their direct supervisor which they said was not available at the time. I was promised me that I would get a call back within 24-48 hours to discuss this further. As of the writing of this message, it has been over 96 hours since the conversation with the direct supervisor and I am beyond frustrated with Verizon over the lack of professionalism, etiquette, and just basic customer service skills of the upper management people I have spoken with. I called back through today and spoke to another CSR.  I called because I want Verizon to honor the offer that was quoted me which was everything I have right now plus 24 months of the Fully Loaded Entertainment Package for free, and what would amount to a 3 year guarantee. I was told (after 1 hour and 50 minutes of hold and transfers) the notes state that I would get a call back this coming Monday or Tuesdy which is 9 days from the last conversation.  I was also told that it wouldn't matter because if a CSR couldn't fix my account, that not even someone as high as the President of Verizon would be able to fix my account.  The CSR told me that I needed to start over and accept whatever package they could put together for me.  I was shocked and outraged by these comments and i intend to pursue this matter to this fullest extent because I have been so blantently abused by Verizon Customer Service and upper management.

Re: Horrible Customer Service from Verizon
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i was going to write "i'm glad i'm not the only one" but i've heard the same thing from other verizon customers. i think that since abc did a story on how to cut your cable bill verizon really plays hard ball. they take it like it is a life and death matter, that is why they will keep you on the phone~online for an hour and a half. abc said call during non business hours when they are more likely to cut you a deal. they also said there are companies who will haggle for you ,they get half your savings. several years ago i got a $ 330 gift card with my new deal after my original 2 year deal expired. not now, that is for new customers only they say over and over. my brother gave up and went back to comcast after 4 years with verizon. verizon called him the day after comcast installed their stuff. he talked to person on the phone, which surprised me because of how fed up he was with verizon. the verizon person said that he should have been offered all these great deals and they where very sorry they lost aloyal customer.