Horrible Customer Service, grain of salt to consider, Cancelling accounts

Let me start with this I have verizon wireless (5 lines) as well as home fios for the past 4 years see images below, total monthly around $420 for both. I have upgraded my fios speed to the gigabit service with rep indicating that the discount will stay until

Fios Gigabit Connection$134.99 price - $60.00 discount Internet discount extended to 2/19/19. (see pic below)

Two month later my bill doubled. I was shocked when they told me that i have added some service (HBO) that i never did and this automatically upgraded me to 2 year contract invalidated previous discount with verizon fios and doubled my bill. On march 15 i called customer service they told me this was done automatically by mistake and situation will be remediated nothing to worry about even told me the exact price it will be reversed to . Next month April 15 nothing was corrected, i called in again rep apologized, told me that the bill will be reversed, to the previous state, they will work with an offline team, to get it in check and correct this automatic mistake.  2 weeks later April 27 i called the rep told me that ticket is still with a offline team and she can't give me an ETA on when is it going to be resolved, I demanded to talk to a manager, when manager got on the call, she would not answer any of my questions 1. why did this situation occurred 2. who is responsible and what is the timeframe to remediate this. When i requested to terminate fios service she told me that the ticket to the offline team verizon have raised was denied and that to cancel my account i would need to pay a cancellation fee of $175, then stated and i quote "You are staying with this bill" after which hanged up the call.

I don't believe this is an isolated incident, and this is something to be aware off, this was a strategy to keep me on that bill for 2 month. Since this was late in the day friday i was not able to reach the department to cancel the service, I will dispute any charges besides the ones that are proper service charges. I will also transfer my wireless account (5 lines ) . Hope this will help someone making a decision to sign up with verizon, beware, this might happen to you.





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Re: Horrible Customer Service, grain of salt to consider, Cancelling accounts
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