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I am a little confused about the business model of Verizon. I recently had a 2 year contract inlcuding a TV bundle. Unbeknownst to me my bundle had expired. When I went on-line to pay my bill I noticed it jumped from $170 a month to $260 a month. I called to inquire about the icnrease in cost and was told they would look into it and give me a call back. Needless to say I never recieved a call back. I called Verizon again the next week and spoke to a represetative. I was offered a 2 year package similar to the one I previously had. I would have gladly accepted the new 2 year plan though the company refused to provide a $90 credit to my account as I found it ridiculous to pay $260 for the previous month as I had never been informed my package was expring. I had no problem paying the $170. The company straight up refused to credit the account $90 saying they were not allowed by policy. I am a little confused why Verizon would rather lose a customer than provide a $90 credit to an account after not notifying a customer of a change in services.

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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.

Well we as consumers should look at our paperwork. I know when I signed up they said in 1 year ending in October 2017 I lose a $ 15 credit, then in October 2018 I lose the $25 credit. I am not under contract. However I know that in November my invoice will go up by $25. They always alert you on the invoice when discounts are expiring. You must read it carefully.

and yes because of greed Verizon makes it hard to get refunds etc. but in retrospect the contract was over so any price increase would be fair business practice.

if they offered you a lower price then chalk up the $90 as a lesson learned.

but at least you won’t have that extra added monthly.