Horrible Unprofessional Customer Service Reps
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A few weeks ago I called in find out why my bill increased by $30 and was told that $20 promotion expired as of April. The other $10 was an increase in taxes. Rep offers me to sign a 2 yr contract and give me $20 promotion for 1yr, but when he calculated everything after the discount he offered I was still $10 over - meaning the taxes did not go back down after he reapplied the $20 promotion. I told him that Verizon was a bunch if crooks and I'm not willing to sign a 2 yr contract if my taxes do not go back down - as they were prior to April bill.

After that call, I went on to keep calling verizon to see if I can get some kind of an explanation for that issue- only to be dealing with rude, unprofessional, snobbish, ready to loose a customer kind of reps. Totally disgusted with my experience and will be moving to another company. I do not wish to spend another penny on verizon horrible customer service. Fhdy are all a bunch of liars who will lure you in to sign up with them, give you competitive price for first yr, and then try to screw with you the next year once your promotions expire. This is not the only company out there, please stay away from these bunches of crooks and rude customer service.

P.S. Black list of reps -

Simone - didn't know what she was doing or how to research account.
Ms. Smith - liar who verbally insulted me.
Liza- was ready to cancel my service and lied to me about a promotion no longer existing after it was quoted to me via email and showed that it would be active for 48 hours. She was also rude and sounded very obnoxious.

I hope someone will review these calls and provide proper training to these reps as they will be pushing away more customers in the long run with their unprofessional attitudes..

Re: Horrible Unprofessional Customer Service Reps
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The bill aside all communication companies offer 1st year promotional pricing only. Once your promotion expires your are charged full price that is how they stay in business The promotion is to entice new customers, after the first year is over they are hoping that you like the service and stay. If you are unhappy it is your right to shop for another provider and when their promotion is over they will do the same exact thing to you.

Re: Horrible Unprofessional Customer Service Reps

Well, not exactly.  I've been eliminating Verizon from my life one service at a time.  My lord - I was paying SO MUCH for SO LITTLE.  Verizon is easily the most overpriced telecom company out there.  I stuck with them for 20 years.  I now get so much more for so much less, and the services are FAR better, much less intrusive and better customer service.

Get out of the Verizon trap.  I did - one more service to go.

Re: Horrible Unprofessional Customer Service Reps
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Frankly, I think their customer service has gotten worse.  It's pretty sad.  When all of my Fios services are working, I'm fine but if and when there is ever a problem or a question, the game starts all over again with having to waste so much time and also dealing with a number of reps who are rude and don't know how to talk to people.  I think as a product, Verizon is better than cable and winds up being a better deal but regarding customer service, I'm afraid it would just be the same treatment all over again from the cable company.  I don't think the grass is always greener but there is certainly a prinicple at stake here:  Even if a customer is wrong, has the wrong idea or was misinformed, that's no reason for having a nasty attitude  It's really tiring and unfair and what is Verzion saying?  "OK, we've got your money and loyalty now and we know you don't have the luxury of being able to switch so fast..." or is Verizon saying "Well we have millions of customers now across the country so what difference does it make if we just lose a few hundred or so?"  The customer is always right in the end.  I really would go back to having antenna TV reception if I could but in my area which is very densely populated, you need a rooftop antenna for the digital to work which is not an option for me.

I don't like that "I don't give a darn" attitude either.  It's gone too far.  I was just asked via email to complete a survey about a very recent customer service experience which is posted here and I gave a lot of "zero" ratings because I was do disgusted with the way I was being treated like garbage.  I had to speak to a supervisor who also seemed ready to lose me as a customer instead of trying to make things better.  Dealing with my credit card companies is far easier than this kind of aggravation. 

The only part of Verizon's customer service that seems to work well is when I renew my 2 year contract on line.