Horrible customer service and overcharging!

I reached out to verizon's customer service team 4 times to change my plan from two top box to one top box with DVR service. It was a simple request that two agents could not understand because they were international representative, most likely from India based on their heavy accent. Each call lasted more than half hour, which is way too long to be on a phone. 

I had to call, so many times to double check that they understand what I wanted to update my account to. I had suspended my account while I was away on vacation and asked to resume my service on 1/22/18. I called on 1/4/18 to explain I want to resume my service on 1/22 and change my plan from two top boxes to one DVR box. I returned my top box in exchange for a DVR box on 1/20/18.  I get my Verizon bill and I see I am being charged for additional charges . Customer service claimed I had service as of 1/4, and I told the manager I had called in on that day to tell them to resume on 1/22. It was even written on their notes that I wanted to resume on 1/22. I was charged from 1/4 to 2/1 for a service I never used. The bill does not even make sense of over lapping dates. Agent/Manager George barely listen to the problem and brushed me off and is going based on notes previous agents had made, which were incorrect notes. He said I was being charged because in order to change my plan they need to activated than change the plan. They could have changed restore and changed my account in one day. I told him that they did not clarify that I had to restore my plan ahead of time to change my plan. I said I did not authorize it because that was never explained to me by the rep. But Verizon is being sneaky and decide to restore a date I did not give them and charge from the day I called to explain what I wanted done on 1/22.  George was dismissive and portrayed poor customer service and management skills. His colleague, Lee showed more sympathy to my situation and took the time to listen and apologize, while he just rushed to get me off the phone. Lee was going to credit me 18 days back until I told her, I believe Verizon had a misscommunication of what I wanted. Than she decided to go back on giving me 18 days credit to offer 12 years free service of HBO. I told her I don't want free HBO service, I don't want to be charged for things I did not request and wanted my bill to be adjusted. She said she couldn't do anything for credit and transferred me to her supervisor, George. I had to wait over 10 minutes to get a supervisor. Only after got stern with her and told her it was ridicilous I have spent over half hour talking to her and now waiting another 10 minutes to wait for the next supervisor, she got her manager right away after I got stern. I believe Verizon likes to be threaten in order to get proper customer service. I asked to speak to Greg's supervisor and he refused to give that information. I asked him for the customer service complaint department and he told me to go online. He was being indirect and avoided to solve the issue. I am disappointed to know Verizon makes a **bleep** load of money on customers and shows no loyalty to their customers and making them happy.

George did not solve any situation and made my hatred for Verizon to increase. I am currently looking for another service company to bring my money to. Because obviously there is no direct customer service complaint center.

Re: Horrible customer service and overcharging!

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they have an online complaint portal but calling the 800 number will get you faster service. The NYS Public Service Commission has regulatory authority over Verizon 

and they will be putting you in touch with executive escalations at Verizon. Make sure to give a phone number you can answer since they and Verizon will call very quick. Sometimes the same day.

You must have documented proof to show the agency. If correct Verizon will be compelled to make the corrections.

Re: Horrible customer service and overcharging!
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.