How Does a Bill Go Up So Fast?

I signed a contract with Verizon 4 double play at $89.99 a month. So with that I also and being charged for a router that I've had with them for about four or five years now. So after all and everything came out to be $113.99. A few weeks after the first or second bill I noticed that my bill went up to $124 a month. Then they also charge me a few weeks after that more money putting my build up to like $130 a month. As soon as the pandemic hit they started their stay connected nonsense charging me $20 extra on top of the already extra charges they were charging me. Up until recently I was paying $153 a month. It's just plain greed on Verizon's part because I am struggling to make ends meet and they keep on adding charges and overcharging fees. Can somebody please explain to me how does a bill go up so fast especially when you don't even have special cable channels hike HBO and Cinemax all I have are regular channels and I am being charged as if I have these channels can somebody please leave me to the proper channel so I can deal with this situation with Verizon because I am fed up with their crooked schemes thank you very much.

Re: How Does a Bill Go Up So Fast?

Try here first

if you have a contract the pricing should remain the same for that period.

what happens is when you first sign up the pricing is lower due to incentives.

so the double play or triple play or even just one service is set low for a few years.

the discounts associated with the service increase. Say year one you lose the $10 off credit, your bill increases, year two you lose the $25 credit and your bill rises again.

now you always pay for rentals unless you purchase the router or use your own. The rental fee varies from $13-$15 per month. And if you have tv your price is also a rental for that equipment. 

verizon does charge for everything. So the only thing you can do is look around for alternatives such as cable or satellite service if available in your area.

additionally if you are not in a contract the price can be risen at anytime. So you will have to choose what is important to you. 

if you feel you are being priced gouged contact your state’s public service commission or department of financial security and file a complaint. You can also file a complaint with the fcc