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I had a nightmare coming from Spectrum to Verizon and had to purchase a phone from Verizon even though my phone (Samsung A14) was only a month old.  Spectrum would not release our numbers at first and even yelled at the Verizon agent. Then Verizon dropped the ball and didn't port the number properly. We were without cell service for 1 - 2 days. Meanwhile our plans were changed to Plus instead of the Welcome plans we'd chosen and we were charged activation fees for each temp number (4) that Verizon had used. Finally got it straightened out and they removed all activation fees and our 1st bill was to be $70.60. That was NOT what they removed from my acct! They didn't remove any fees.

I called again today and they saw the texts the agent had sent and honored the $70.60 by crediting next months bill. But next months bill is VERY wrong to begin with. So basically they are muddying up already muddy waters. The agent said she can not change any charges on next bill because it hasn't been generated yet. I have to wait until the money is removed from my checking acct. What?! I am so ready to dump Verizon at this point. Not even 30 days in and I want to dump them because they can't get their billing correct. So instead of being charged $113 next month I will be charged $230 and then I have to call and hopefully get another credit. This is wrong. You should be able to fix it before you take money out of my acct. They are charging me for the temp numbers they used when trying to port the numbers from spectrum even though we had no cell service with those temp numbers. That is very wrong. I am on social security and all this money they keep taking out of my acct really hurts. Why can't Verizon correct the bill? Its greedy! The agent on Aug 2, 2023 told me he corrected everything by removing all the charges of the temp numbers from the acct and even removed the charges for the activation fee. I think that was because he insulted me and called me a name which I complained to him about calling me. It was very upsetting.

Anyway, my my spouse and I are going to dump ALL the cell companies and get two tin cans and a string. I recommend everyone follow suit.




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Customer Service Rep

Good afternoon. That is definitely not the experience we want you to have with our service and would love to review your situation a little closer. I'll be sending you a Private Note, please reply to it, so we can get started.