How can Verizon be this stupid?
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I have a lot of devices. A lot. I signed up for Fios and I'm waiting for my install date on Jan 5. If I need to login to my account for any reason on a new device I have to confirm my account. To confirm my account it wants to send something to either my home address (seriously?) or it wants to text me to a phone number I don't have. It turns out the phone is the phone for my new service. I didn't order phone service but apparently I'm getting a phone. Why are you trying to send me texts to a home phone that hasn't been installed yet? I'm a VZW customer. Why can't you send me texts on my VZW phone? Why can't you fix my problems when I engage your customer support? Why do your CSR lie to? I had an agent tell me that there was a widespread bug with login affecting all customers several days ago and to call back later. That was clearly an effort to move me off the phone.

It's really not this hard. Except maybe for Verizon it is.

Re: How can Verizon be this stupid?

I wish I knew what you are talking about. Login to your account from tablets, cell phone, desktop computer, laptop computer?

if you set up your account portal properly the signing in from multiple different devices on the first log on will trigger either your security questions or a text to your listed cell phone on your account.

many times my devices will clear the cache and cookies automatically (like I have set on occasion) and myverizon portal no longer has a record of my using the device before and will use security protocols to authenticate the log in by the real customer.

you don’t want hackers and identity thieves to access your accounts.

stay calm, call Verizon up and have the portal use security questions instead of verification codes. This however will not be for when you call Verizon wireless for service issues. You still need to set a account code and a pin code for the account, and if you make changes the rep may ask to send a verification code to one of your phones or even a friends phone if yours is not available.