How can we get Verizon to fix their billing errors?

On 7/24/15 we cancelled our Verizon internet and TV service by calling Verizon customer service and speaking to a rep who would only give their identity as PJ.

We had two phone lines with Verizon; one was removed in June when we changed providers, the other is still active and should remain active.

On 7/27/15 all equipment was returned

On 8/22 we received a bill for 84.45 for service from 8/13 - 9/12.

On 8/24 called Verizon again and spoke with Joe {edited for privacy}. Joe assured us the 84.45 charges would be removed, and a refund issued for 7/24 – 8/13.

On 9/2/15, 84.45 was drafted from the checking account tied to this Verizon account

On 9/12/15, we received a collection letter from IC System for an 84.45 Verizon balance.

On 9/13/15 called Verizon AGAIN and spoke with Sam, who claims no notes were found regarding our previous cancellation. He said it will be taken care of and we will receive a refund, but could not provide a confirmation number.

Having already talked to two reps before, who apparently did nothing, we do not trust that this last call will resolve the issue.

We have not had Verizon TV or internet service since 7/24.  We do not owe Verizon anything! In fact, they still owe us a refund from 7/24 when service was cancelled to the 8/13 billing date, and an 84.45 refund for the draft taken from checking account on 9/2.

What  must we do to make sure this gets straightened out ?!

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