How does this make any sense?

I currently have the 64.99 triple play. I clicked on the upgrades page, and an offer for 54.99 came up, that was exactly the same, except the internet was faster.
The following chat then occured:

me(19:51:23): why does the price jump from 54.99 (month 1) to 69.99 (month 2)?
me(19:53:15): month 1 has a $40 bundle credit for months 1-12, and months 2-7 doesn't have that, it has a $20 credit for months 13-24
me(19:53:23): but i haven't had fios for a year

fios(19:55:43): It seems that on your previous package, there were some discounts left. So, you are getting those discounts with this new bundle plan in respected months. That's why it is showing different prices for different months.
fios(19:55:58): Please update me, as you get your order number.
me(19:56:10): it says $40 Bundle Credit for months 1-12
me(19:56:26): but it only lists that under 'First Month'
me(19:56:50): for month 2, it lists $20 Bundle Credit for months 13-24
me(19:57:01): but i have only had fios since August
fios(19:58:41): I understand that; however, these would be the monthly price for all the months.
fios(19:58:56): Would you like to proceed now?
me(19:59:17): but why does my $40 credit for months 1-12 expire at the end of this month? that's what i don't understand
me(19:59:29): why would it expire before I've had fios for a year?
fios(20:05:49): I completely understand your concern; however, there cannot be any changes in the prices. This is the best price that you are getting with our Verizon FiOS services.
me(20:06:42): ok then, i will stick with what I currently have, since the price is significantly lower fios(20:06:48): So, I suggest you take advantage of this offer now.
me(20:07:59): i clicked on the offer because it was supposed to be cheaper than my current plan. however it is turning out to be much more expensive so I am sorry but I cannot choose it
me(20:09:05): I would be paying $5 month more, and also lose my valued customer credit of $15
fios(20:09:09): I understand. In this case, you can click on "Save My Order" and can keep the order saved for 10 days. Later, you can complete the order within 10 days, if you prefer.

It's insulting that a fios rep would suggest that I take advantage that is clearly worse than what I have now. For a slightly faster internet, I would be paying $5 more, not the advertised $10 less, and on top of that, by upgrading I would be losing my valued customer credit of $15 (according to the rep).

Re: How does this make any sense?

And whatever I do, every 'advertised price' is only seeming to be for the first month. For some reason the site stops applying the 1-12 discount after Month 1.