How to complain about customer services

I called yesterday to cancel an HBO suscribtion which should have been cancelled month ago but the rep instead closed my account. As I got a notification of it I called again later to make sure I wouldn’t be disconnected and despite the new rep reassurances still got disconnected. So I call this morning at 7am and speak to “Brendan”. He gets all my details to create a new account and when I ask to speak to a supervisor get disconnected. I then call back and speak in turn to Patricia, Ms Moss and Ishmael only to have yet a new account created and connection restored mat every by the end of the day. At this point after more than 3 hours on the phone, I don’t think I have the right package, I don’t know when I’ll get connection again and I am not sure what that rep mistake is going to cost me. 

Re: How to complain about customer services
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.