How to escalate your Verizon complaint.
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I can help you. I can send you a PM with the information for the executive line and the email for their CEO if you can't get satisfaction here, just let me know. I too have gotten no where with my problem. One of the reps actually laughed at my wife when she explained to them that my autistic son had used the remote to order foreign languagechannels. Absolutely horrid. I've spoken with close to 10 reps, most of which were superviosrs and have gotten no where. Anyone with common sense could look and see that most follks do not speak 4-5 languages in the home. He also initiated a hockey package that we caught back in October and we cancelled it. We noticed again on our last bill and see we have been charged an additional $150 for that and when I call they say the cancellation was for next year. Really? Give me a break. Not to mention the fact that they have the capability to see that none of this programming is ever even used a quick and easy way to validate my issue assuming the common sense doesn't kick in. I wish you luck with your issue. 

Re: How to escalate your Verizon complaint.

Please, gene19728, can you forward me the executive line and email contact for their CEO? I'm going insane from Verizon's unresposiveness. Thank you.