How to file a formal complaint about an employee at a Verizon store?
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I was provided incorrect information regarding my contract. I had a paidoff device and was looking for an upgrade, the employee specifically said I would be able to trade in to get a flat discount on a new device instead of trade-in credits. I specifically stressed on this requirement insisting I will be able to payoff my new device without being stuck in years long contract. This was entirely incorrect and now I have a 3 year long contract. When I went back to the store to enquire about this, the employee insisted that was not what I was told. Unfortunately I do not have anything in writing to prove it except for my friend who was with me during this purchase.

I do not want to include the Store and employee name in this forum. Where can I file a format complaint about the employee. 

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Oh, no! We are stunned to read about your recent store experience. Our goal is to always provide top quality service. 


We sent you a Private Message, please review at your earliest convenience.