How to get a new Security PIN when I don't get the PIN request dialog?

Being a FiOS subscriber (triple plan) for some 6 years now, I am using My Verizon to view and pay my bills online. During the last 6 months or so I cannot see my updated billing information in My Verizon account. The latest bill info I see is that of November 2014. After a few calls to customer support and a "deep" investigation, the last representative was able to get to the root of the problem - I am a "Limited Access" user.

Once this was determined, she explained that I need to set a new PIN to get "Full Access" status. Since I never got a temporary pin, nor was I ever asked to type-in one, I was not aware of such a change to the website. It appears that I am supposed get a "PIN Request Page" when logging into my account. Then I can request a temporary PIN.

The problem is that I cannot see any "PIN Request" page, dialog or link acress the website!

I am regularly using Firefox browser and tried disabling the script-filtering and ad-filtering plugins. I also tried logging in using Internet Explorer, but I cannot get any PIN related page.

How can I obtain and activate a new PIN?