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I've never been more furious with Verizon and I've been a customer for 9 years. It all started when I needed a new phone, my note 10 went out and went into a Verizon store to get a new one. I knew I had an upgrade, but the Verizon associate talked me into adding a line and changing my plan to get a good deal on a Pixel 7.  I was skeptical and asked if this was going to cost me more money in the long run, and if I had to pay for the extra line and she assured me it was all free. I have a witness to her statement. Come to find out she added all kinds of new features to my plan and I got slammed with fees left and right. My bill went from 289 to over 700 dollars! I got hustled, pain and simple. I guess these Verizon representatives make money off doing this to people I later found out. Of course I think everything is on the up and up so I don't find this out till it's coming time to pay the next bill and these new features have been going for almost a month. I call Verizon customer service right away and explain my situation, and they agreed I was wronged and gave me some credit towards the bill and removed the extra line and features I never wanted. They told me my bill would be back to normal. Well not quite. I check again and I'm still almost 200 dollars higher on my bill then it should be. So I call the customer service again to figure out why, and the representative now is telling me it's because I have a missed payment from 4 months ago. After arguing for 10 minutes about how this couldn't be possible and getting tired of going in circles I said I would check my bank statements. So I did, and the payment was indeed made. So I was lied to again. At this point I'm furious and I'm not sure when this new Verizon decided it was going to hustle money from a loyal customer base, but I'm not impressed. Especially after being with Verizon for almost 10 years. Is there anyone with integrity left at this company? 

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We're sorry to read about your situation and we're here to help. We'll be sending a private note. ~Peter