How to unmerge Verizon One ID accounts
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I need to unmerge my Fios and wireless accounts. Currently my mobile account is linked to an old deactivated Fios account from years ago. I can't merge my current Fios with my wireless under One Verizon ID because it is still linked to my old Fios. I've called, chatted, and tweeted with both Wireless and Fios agents, and no one can help. 

Re: How to unmerge Verizon One ID accounts
Customer Service Rep

While historical data can be a great resource, it is situations such as this that can be more of a hindrance. We will help the best we can with this situation, MrYeldud. To be sure we understand fully, we would like to ask for more detail. Are both your wireless and Fios accounts working properly? Do you have the access you need to manage each account online to your satisfaction? What specifically happens when you try to merge your current Fios account with the wireless one?