Huge phone bill when I got home from Caribbean trip

I am very upset with Verizon at this moment, which  is why I am reaching out to the corporate office.  I have been a Verizon customer for over 20 years & I have Fios since 2007. I went on a birthday trip this past January 2024 on a cruise to the Caribbean. I called Verizon before I left for my trip asking what I should do so that I would not have a huge phone bill when I got home. I was told that I could pay an additional $ 10.00 a day to have internet, data, & make phone calls. When I got home there was a phone bill of 707.83, I called & was very upset about this bill. I was told several times that there was nothing they could do. I spoke to a supervisor and was told that he was going to take care of this bill. Time went by & I never heard back about. I had to keep calling over & over again asking about this bill. I kept getting the run around over this bill. I am out of contract & I will take my business elsewhere. I dont need to stay with verizon & $ 700.00 is almost half of my paycheck & I can't afford a 700.00 phone bill however Verizon can afford to absorb this cost. This is on verizon and not me because I did my do diligence and called ahead to ask these questions. I was never told I should not make calls in the middle of the Ocean because of the international charges. I am VERY FRUSTRATED with your company & I am writing to voice my disappointment and I WILL BE TAKING ALL OF MY BUSINESS TO ANOTHER CARRIER.