I am a loyal customer but not feeling like it!!!!

I have been a FiOS customer since 11/07 and I love my service! Only a few things along the way, but not bad!

I think thought this just frustrates me! My GF and I have decided to move into together and get a house! I told her that my only requirements were a room for a office (I telecommute) and FiOS. We found a great place and the ONT is there and so I can do the self install, which definitively saves a truck roll!!! My complaint is that I m gonna get hit with a activation fee of 69.99!

Lets get real, I know this product and I know that that's high! The system is automated and my light will go hot for me based on a system and not a human! Not to mention, being a loyal customer's since 11/07 (that's when it 1st came available in my apt complex) and doing a self install, there shouldn't be activation fee! Especially since, when we put in the order to D/C her FiOS we are gonna get hit with a early termination fee, even though, she will be a customer since I am getting the FiOS at the new home!

This just does not seem right, hit me with an activation fee as a loyal customer, maybe we need to rethink some of our policies on how we treat our loyal customers, because negative experiences and words from them can make them detractors and make others think about going somewhere else!!!

I love my FiOS, but I am not feeling the love from Verizon!

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Re: I am a loyal customer but not feeling like it!!!!
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Welcome to the forums.  You're talking to customers in this public space.

If you're currently out of contract, you should cancel your service and transfer your girlfriend's service to your new home.  That way, you can avoid paying the ETF.  If you're both under contract, chances are that Verizon won't waive the ETF as you'll be going from two contracts to one contract.  But you'll have to take that up with them.

Good Luck.