I cannot redeem my $200 Nest/Google Promotion.


I have received multiple emails stating that my $200 is ready to be redeemed towards Google and/or Nest products. I follow the link, add the item I want to my cart (I see the credit unlike many others) and checkout. I even get an order number on the screen that says "Thank you for your Order." However, I never receive the confirmation email that the page says I will get, and I never receive the product. Then days later I am informed that the $200 credit is expiring and I should use the credit soon. So I try again...

I've now tried three times and the order never seems to go through, even thought it tells me that they have received the order and have any order number. When I talk to Verizon, the agent cannot look up the order because it's through a third party (Google?) and the rep doesn't have access. 

So what's going on here? Is this just the scam of having people lose patience and give up, saving Verizon the promissed $200 credit?! 

I literally only have a few days left until my offer expires. At this point, I have zero expectations that I will get the benefit of the credit. I think my problem is I have been a Verizon customer for too long (11+ years = loyalty penalty). [My officemate tells me I should jump ship as Optimum is offering contract buy-outs...not sure how good Optimum is but I am going to look into it.]  

Anyone have any luck with get the credit AND the product? Any advice would be appreciated.



Re: I cannot redeem my $200 Nest/Google Promotion.

It's a bogus discount, doesn't work for anyone. 

Re: I cannot redeem my $200 Nest/Google Promotion.

read this link


Then file with your own states attorney generals office (via google search)

Best of luck