I'd rather go to the MVA. Need to call CS but, am not up to dealing with rude reps.
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Hi folks. I know this sounds ridiculous but, I've haven't been available for a few months and now I realize that for 3 or 4 months bills have gone up a lot. All discounts are now gone but for the half priced Showtime & HBO which we no longer even watch. Although I'm not a senior yet, I am on a very limited income for permanent disability from SSDI. Even though I watch a lot of TV and internet as I'm essentially a recluse and practically need these services but $210+ a month is obscene.

I'd almost rather go with Comcast at this point. But frankly they are both too big for their britches now and any compassion or empathy they might have had is now gone. Not only is my income not so great, I live every day in horrendous chronic pain all over.

Thanks for just allowing me to vent. I'm going to have to give this whole thing more thought.