I just rented my LAST movie through Verizon


  I have been a loyal customer for over a decade.  We are all in - phone, internet, cable and spend $400-500/month with Verizon.

  My wife and I recently rented Joy on 5-21 only to receive an unwatchable experience (all other TV channels were fine).  Since it was the night and we wanted to watch a movie, we then rented it through our Amazon Fire and everything was fine.

  I just got off a chat with customer service requesting they they remove the charge.  They stated that since I did not call technical support at the time of the issue, I was out of luck and they would not reverse the charge.

  I requested several times that they remove the charge and that if they did not, that would be the last movie I ever rented from Verizon.

  Well, as you can guess, they did not remove the charge and I will now rent movies from other sources.

  My movie "rental" on 5-21 is the LAST movie I will ever rent from Verizon.

  I would suggest better customer service, especially when there are so many alternatives.

- A very disappointed customer