I keep getting charged for equipment I already returned

I had to change my services after that year plan expired and I had gotten my set up boxes exchanged for the new ones which I regret now because I sent them through the shipping label that they were sent with I sent all of the boxes back and when I asked for a receipt I was denied one I sent it to that shipping label and now every single month since then I have been charged an obscene amount of money from boxes I have already returned I have been told the same thing that my issue escalated to a representative and I have been with 11 representatives who each have filed a claim and each one stating all it will get dismissed and never got dismissed it would go away for two weeks and then come right back this is truly unbelievable I have been with this service for over 10 years now but honestly loyalty can’t even change anything to them it’s completely outrageous I’m still fighting this issue and it’s gonna be a year almost the same back-and-forth of constantly being on the phone with a representative and then telling me that it’s going to be solved at this is the last time that this will be permanent they will remove it because on their site it shows that they have already received the boxes  and that it’s their fault that they haven’t put in the system yet I sent the boxes in January they were due in March so I sent it well ahead so I wouldn’t get charge for my equipment and they told me one of the representatives that they didn’t put the things in their system until August and I are charging me for a mistake on your hand completely unacceptable and barbaric

Re: I keep getting charged for equipment I already returned
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Hi Eg1199,

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