I’m being ripped off.

All I needed was basic cable and internet. 

Actually all I needed was the internet. 

Basic cable was forced on me when I asked for just DSL. 

I was forced into this temporary place after a fire in my old residence. 

I lost almost everything. 

Now I have the basics and it’s too expensive. 

I cant afford it. 

The tv package is a rip off. 

I wish I could get out of this contract and just get DSL. 

Being forced to use fios innthis place sucks. 

Im unhappy 

Re: I’m being ripped off.
Community Leader
Community Leader

Not aware of any requirement to have cable in order to get DSL.  As far as I know they might ask you to have Telephone service in order to get DSL.  Remember you are talking to Peers here.

FIOS is not DSL.  If they are offering FIOS, not sure what the minimum is these days.  I know some with FIOS that don't have TV service, but not sure how is easy or hard it is to get them to offer that.