Incorrect Charge for Digital Adapter Rental

I just got off the phone with a Verizon representative, and I'm still fuming.  I attempted to order TV and Internet service last week for my new apartment, and immediately ran into problems with the website.  I simply wanted a modem/router, and with the bundle I selected, a digital adapter for one TV was "included at no charge".  However, when I selected to receive a digital adapter, and no additional HD set-top boxes, the website would not continue to the next screen, only reload the current screen with all my selections cleared. 

I started a conversation with an internet representative via chat, and he explained that I would have to order an HD box in addition to the digital adapter, and then return the HD box after I received it.  I told him that sounded like a real waste of time, but he assured me that was the only way to do it. 

A few days later, a technician installed the digital adapter, but not the HD box, because we explained to him that we intended to immediately return it.  Later that day, I received an email showing that my order had been updated.  Everything was the same, except now I was suddenly being charged a monthly rental fee for the digital adapter.

So today I called Verizon to return my HD box (as I had been instructed) and to complain about the new fee.  I was told that I didn't order a digital adapter originally, and that I called on the installation day to add one to my order.  Since it wasn't included in my original order, the "promotion" did not apply.  I explained that I never called to add a digital adapter to my order, and that it must have been the technician, who had spent a significant amount of time on the phone when he was here.  Regardless, the woman on the phone pointed out that since the digital adapter wasn't on my original order, then I must not have ordered it.  I never expected to see it on my original order, since it was "included at no charge", not some part of a special promotion.  Yet I couldn't prove that I had checked the correct box, so she couldn't (or wouldn't) remove it from my bill.

I'm really shocked that I've received this treatment.  It's one thing if there's a glitch in the website causing inconvenience, but it's unnacceptable to place the blame on the customer and tack on an additional fee after the agreement has been made.  If Verizon is unable to take this **bleep** fee off of my bill and make this right, I'm canceling my service and going with Comcast instead.