Incorrect Payment Not Reversed

We contacted verizon on 3/31 to advise of incorrect payment - yes OUR fault - but we called to correct and advised it would be reversed in THREE days - waited the time frame in which they told us to wait and no refund. called today and were told another TEN days because first request was never entered - we argued then it went to another THREE days - How can I trust this will even happen when we were ORIGINALLY told THREE days! They said they can't do anything more because their BACKOFFICE says so??? what the heck? They have over TWO THOUSAND dollars of ours sitting collecting interest. WE WANT OUR MONEY BACK TODAY! THIS is how you treat loyal customers?? GROSS! we are done being loyal to verizon - when you need them the most they leave you out for dead

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Customer Service Rep

Hey, cutaiars! Thanks for reach with us! I totally understand your concern regarding when you will get back the funds from the incorrect payment that was made on your account. Please, send a private note, so we can provide the correct assistance for your request. Remember, we're available 24/7!