Incorrrect billing by Verizon leads to Collection of $49.62

In reading the various posts, it appears this type of error happens quite a bit.  We switched to Verizon for phone and internet for a month or so in August/September 2013.  Because we found the internet connection to be too slow given our needs, we switched our phone and internet to another provider in early October 2013.  My records indicate that I called in for immediate disconnection by Verizon on 10/8. I was told all is well and a final bill will be generated.  Shortly thereafter, I received a bill for around $150 or $160 which included future use of Verizon.  It was not the final bill as i was told I would get.  When I called Verizon, they told me that all was well and that services were cancelled, and to ignore the bill for $150 and wait for the final bill.  About a week later, I started getting automated past due calls early Saturday mornings October/November 2013.   I called Verizon, and again was told that everything was fine, but that it takes time for the system to adjust and final bills typically take 30 days.  Despite this, the automated past due calls continued.  I got tired of them and called Verizon once again -- again the rep said everything looks fine on his end.  There's nothing he can do and said if I wanted to, I can pay $100 to stop the irritating past due calls, and once the final bill is generated, it will credit back the $100 and whatever Verizon owes me can be mail back to me in the form of a check.  So I paid the $100 to stop the harrassing calls - this was around the first week of November 2013.

Well, here we are January 25, and I get a letter from a collection agency CBE grouop asking me to take this opportunity for a "fresh start" and that I needed to pay $49.62.  I just got off the phone with one of your rep "Michael", and he couldn't explain to me what happened except for me to call for the financial and cancellation departments Monday morning.  I also noticed that I have received 2 automated messages from yesterday and today from CBE group.  Both messages with incomplete information and incorrect names.

This has been an extremely frustrating process -- and I am disturbed by the fact that your error will/has negatively impacted my credit.  Time after time, your reps told me that everything was OK despite the calls, now I'm in collections for services that wasn't even in used.  I am discouraged in talking with another one of your reps on Monday - re-explain everything.  I need this issue corrected once and for all and to ensure any negative impact to my credit report is removed.  Please excalate this to the highest manager possible with the authority and knowlege to remedy ASAP.

Acct # according to the CBE notice {edited for privacy}

Thank You

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Please see my original post, as they stuck me with a $1300 bill...... They incorrectly charged me on top of not receiving the services I was being charged for. They asked me to speak to them privately ONLY to tell me what customer service had already told me.